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Periodontal Maintenance. Isn’t it “just a cleaning”?

A visit to the medical doctor is much different for a healthy 26 year old than it is for a 62 year old with a history of heart attacks. The same can be said for hygiene visits.  A patient with healthy gums will be treated differently than one with a periodontal condition.  This is because periodontal disease is a chronic, progressive condition.  It can be controlled, but it never goes away. Continue Reading

Why do I need x-rays?

Do I really have to have x-rays? 

“Nothing hurts.”      “Can’t you just look?”      “You just took them last year.”     Let’s wait until next time.”


Many people question the need for routine dental x-rays.  After all, their medical doctor only takes them if something hurts or is broken.  So why do dentists always recommend them? Continue Reading